Things To Remember When Packing to Move Long Distance

Moving to a faraway city or state can be daunting, but a good plan can make your experience a breeze. Professional moving companies provide packing and unpacking services to make your move as easy as possible. You can also search for movers near me to compare services and find the best packing offers. Here are six things to remember when packing to move long distance:

1. Declutter Before Packing

Moving offers an opportunity to declutter and lighten your load. Sort your items and determine what you don’t need to bring to your new home or office. You can donate some items to charity or sell them. Send broken and damaged items to be recycled or dispose of them safely. Decluttering allows you to cut down the time you need to pack. You’ll also save more on packing supplies and might be able to rent a smaller van.

2. Start Packing Early

If you plan to pack alone, start early. Set aside enough time to sort items and purchase the right packing supplies. Starting early eliminates last-minute errors. You can organize your items and prepare the boxes for quick loading. The goal is to pack all important belongings safely and avoid leaving anything behind. Packing early allows you a greater chance of a stress-free experience.

3. Get the Right Supplies

Traveling long distances increases the risk of damaging your items. You should ensure all belongings are safely packed. Buying the right supplies enables you to optimize space and protect fragile items. Start with basic supplies like boxes in different sizes, packing tapes, strapping tapes, and duct tape. Other supplies include bubble and shrink wraps, Ziploc bags, permanent markers, furniture pads, moving blankets, and special crates if needed.

4. Label All Boxes

You should label all boxes to help you determine where everything is located. Labeling allows you to find things easily when you need them upon arrival. The moving team will also identify delicate items and other belongings that need special care. You can catalog packed items with spreadsheets and photographs if necessary. Make sure you label the cords, wires, and other hardware you may need soon after arrival.

5. Take Down Large Items

If you have tables, desks, stands, bedroom sets, and other furniture that you can take apart, consider doing it. Disassembling your furniture and other large items will make it easier to transport and save more space in the moving van. Use blankets and furniture pads to protect your furniture and finishes. Take note of the original structure or ask the moving company to handle the disassembly.

6. Don’t Pack Too Light or Too Heavy

Your boxes should be relatively equal and of manageable weight. Avoid packing individual boxes too light or too heavy. Mix light and heavy items in each box to create a manageable weight that you can carry easily. Boxes of relatively equal weight are easier and safer to stack and load in a container or moving truck. You’ll also reduce the risk of placing heavier boxes on top of light ones, which can damage the lighter items in the boxes.

Reputable Movers Near Me

Moving long distances should be smooth if you choose reputable moving companies. Choose local movers with a clean track record and good references. You can search for professional movers and speak with the support team concerning your trip. The best movers offer comprehensive services, including packing and supplies.

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