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Serial kuthira is a story of two lovers and their struggle to be together.

Serial kuthira

Serial Kuthira is a romantic action drama Kuthira Serial that follows the story of Vikram Singh and Niharika who are separated after their marriage. After years, they meet again when they both get into a situation where Vikram must save Niharika from certain death.

Kuthira is a serial that was telecasted on Vijay TV. This serial was written by Jeeva and directed by Sivasankar Deva. The story revolves around the lives of five people who are coming together to find their identity as individuals and also as part of a larger family.

The serial stars Rahul Devraj as Vikram Kuthira Serial and Niharisha as Niharika, along with other actors such as Divyanshu Pandey (Rajasthan), Anuj Saxena (Bharat), and India Mukherji (Rajasthan) in supporting roles.


The story of Kuthira Serial is about two sisters who were married to each other. Their parents did not approve of their marriage, but they got married anyway. After many years of marriage, their husbands died in an accident and their families wanted them to get divorced so that they could remarry again. The girls refused because then they would also lose their house (which belonged to one of them). They decided that they would live together until one dies first or if both happen at the same time then both will inherit everything from each other’s houses


A hero is a young man, who was born in Thoothukudi. He is a talented player in kuthira serial. His name is Sathish Kumar and he has many fans across the world because of his good looks and charming personality.

The hero has been playing different roles in movies like “Kuthiraiyyaan”, “Maduraikkanal” etc., but this time he will be seen as an actor in Kuthiraiyyan Serial which is going to be aired soon on Star Vijay TV Channel (Channel Number: 7).


  • Name: Kuthira
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Family: Mother, father, brother, and sister.
  • Background: She belongs to a middle-class family in Chennai. Her father is an inspector in the police department and her mother is a housewife. Kuthira has one younger brother who studies till 10th Kuthira Serial standard but doesn’t want to study further for fear of having another child at home as he is already married with two children (a boy & girl). He wants his wife’s support when it comes to taking care of both kids so he doesn’t want them to help much with raising their daughter since she will eventually become an adult woman if they do so now!


serial kuthira is a very good serial in which the hero and heroine are related to each other. The story revolves around the life of two siblings Kuthira Serial who are on an emotional journey with their parents, aunties, and uncles. The plot also touches upon several issues like love, family relations, etc. For me, this serial is a perfect example of how it’s not just about romance but also shows how important these relationships are in our lives

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