Can an Exterminator Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are clingy pests that feed on human blood, leaving brown, reddish bites on their prey’s skin. They don’t transmit ailments like ticks or mosquitoes, but their bites are itchy and painful. There are different DIY techniques online for getting rid of them, but since they have several life cycles, they are smart hiders, and their eggs are tiny and hard to spot with your naked eyes, which makes eradicating them on your own challenging. A professional bed bugs exterminator has the skills, experience, and tools to help inspect and eliminate these pests from your home or business.

Causes of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are not attracted to decay or filth as most people think; they can infest any place as long they can get blood. Unlike ticks, these bugs can’t live inside their hosts. They must live near a food source and wait until the food is available. They are adaptable and can survive anywhere, including beds, sofa cushions, and carpets. The following are ways they can access your premises:

  • Buying second-hand sofas
  • Mixing luggage such as furniture and bags during travel
  • Contamination from a hostel, resort, or hotel
  • Having new people in your home

Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs are very tiny, which makes them hard to spot. If you suspect they have invaded your home, check for the following signs:

  • An unpleasant musty smell in your house or around your bed
  • Small blood stains on the pillowcases or sheets
  • Bumps, welts, or bites on your body when you wake up
  • Seeing bed bugs roam on your bedding, black droppings in your bed, or bug skins

How Exterminators Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Pest control experts may use different bed bugs control techniques, but the following are the most common ones:

Chemical Treatment

In chemical treatment techniques, pest control experts use pesticides. The chemicals they use are generally safe for pets and children, but you must give your home time to air before habiting it again. 

The chemical treatment provides a long-lasting solution to bed bugs infestation but the application must be made more than once for optimal results. It does not kill the bug eggs, so you may need to combine it with another treatment.

Heat Treatment

In heat treatment, several ultra-strong heaters and fans are used to spread hot air throughout the infested areas. Research has shown that bugs will start to die if subjected to temperatures above 110 degrees. Heat treatment is a preferred method because it is not as disruptive as chemical treatment and it can be safe and less costly than other options.

Why Should I Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator? 

The best bed bugs exterminator not only focuses on killing the bugs but also stops their lifecycle from the beginning stages. They will inspect the bug infestation and develop a total bug control strategy. These strategies may entail using a mixture of preventative and treatment strategies. Hiring the best bed bugs exterminator is the only sure and safe way of completely getting rid of bed bugs. 

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